Women’s Mental Health Therapy

Women’s Mental Health Therapy Services in Hyderabad

Women's mental health is multifactorial which is determined by both biological and social factors. Examining the clinical profile of mental disorders in women brings to light the fact that men and women are affected disproportionately by mental illness. The greater vulnerability of women can be owing to physiological changes as well as social factors such as poverty, sexual abuse, stress, intimate partner violence, and so on. Mental health during pregnancy and postpartum deserves special attention as untreated maternal depression results in serious ill effects in both the mother and the child. Reproductive health problems like infertility, female sterilization, and reproductive tract complaints also have been related to poor mental health in women. It is important to view mental health programs in a gender-based approach to circumvent the unique challenges posed by women's mental health today. Apart from this, exploring other modes of service delivery such as mobile phone technology which has the potential to be effective and improve accessibility to services can boost mental health delivery for women.

Women's mental health needs to be considered in the context of the interaction of physical, reproductive, and biological factors with social, political, and economic issues at stake. The multiple roles played by women such as childbearing and child rearing, running the family, caring for sick relatives, and, in an increasing proportion of families, earning income are likely to lead to considerable stress.

Women’s Mental Health Therapy

Women’s Mental Health Therapy

The reproductive roles of women, such as their expected role of bearing children, the consequences of infertility, and the failure to produce a male child in some cultures are examples of mechanisms that make women vulnerable to suffering from mental disorders. In addition, biological factors may play a major role, particularly in reproductive life events such as pregnancy, the postpartum period, and menopause as well as in the clinical manifestations of various mental health problems.

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Addressing the mental problem at the right time and timely treatment of the problem quickly resolves the problem. Mental problems are very diverse.

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