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Many people have persistent physical complaints, such as dizziness or pain, that don't appear to be symptoms of a medical condition. They are sometimes known as "medically unexplained symptoms" when they last for more than a few weeks, but doctors can't find a problem with the body that may be the cause. This doesn't mean the symptoms are faked or "all in the head" they're real and can affect your ability to function properly.Medically unexplained symptoms need to be considered from the perspective of underlying developmental influences involving epigenetic modulation of gene expression that affect function of a variety of organs based on familial (genetic and environmental) predispositions.

Not understanding the cause can make them even more distressing and difficult to cope with. When mystery symptoms seem to be caused by problems in the nervous system but you don't have a specific neurological condition, doctors may refer to your symptoms as a ‘functional neurological disorder’.These patients represent a large and troubled group. Many symptoms coexist and overlap in the patients, for example, fatigue, pain, insomnia, paresthesias, headache, depression and anxiety, sicca symptoms (dry mouth and eyes), gastrointestinal problems, urge incontinence, and Raynaud phenomenon (very cold and white hands/feet). They are diffuse, nonspecific, and ambiguous, and they are very prevalent in healthy, non patient populations. The similarities seen have led some to propose that the somatic syndromes share a common pathophysiology. However, we do not know if there is one syndrome or discrete syndromes, or if they share common etiological factors. The boundaries between these conditions and their relation to more traditional and accepted diagnoses are still not clear.

Unexplained Physical Symptoms treatment

Unexplained Physical Symptoms

Although we are not yet able to explain these conditions satisfactorily, it is recommended that research has a direct focus on the common features with an open-minded multidisciplinary approach.

Examples of such symptoms include:
  • Tingling in the hands or feet
  • A tremor in one or both arms
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Changes in eyesight, like blurred vision or seeing flashing lights

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