Tame your mind to be indoors,not impossible!

Tame your mind to be indoors, it’s not impossible!

Dr Priya R Nair, Consultant Psychiatrist
Tame your mind to be indoors

The key is keeping your biological clock in Rhythm

By this I mean the clear demarcation of morning, afternoon, evening and night through the nature. The balcony space provided is more than enough for that, even if it’s a closed glass door.


  • Wake up at the same time, go to bed the same time.
  • Ensure bath time is in morning itself before noon. No later than that.
  • Keep your office space confined to the same place in your house.do not use your living room or bedroom.
  • Ensure workout in form of Zumba/yoga/stretches. Put your headphones, your favourite music. Consistency is the key here. It should be the same time every day.


  • Leave your windows and curtains open, ensure the sun comes in.
  • Have your lunch only on dining table, avoid the couch or any other room
  • Continue your office work in the same space you have assigned. Do not change the place at any cost.
  • A nap of 20 minutes.


  • Indulge in activities, thanks to the little balcony space. Sit on the floor of balcony get your hands dirty if you have the flower pots.
  • Spiritual enlightening is a must. connect spiritually in your own way of praying with family.


  • See the darkness
  • Maintain sleep hygiene: set your phone on night mode at the desired time you need, again consistency is the need here, should be same time every day when you see the dimness in the phone you need to keep it aside. Read a book. warm milk /bathe if required.
  • Get your desired amount of sleep (varies individually). wake up the same time in morning.

Weekends is cheat days, break this cycle, trick your mind, do whatever u like, binge watch Netflix, movies, screen time as per your desire, late night movies call up old friends. Cook for your family, make it special.

To summarise consistency is the key, do not break your routine and sleep hours. Our brain gets tuned in to this system to stay indoors and there will be less urge to step out.

Stay safe. You are physically distant but socially connected to the world through technology. stay positive

(Only applicable to adults, kids are different and individualised)


Dr Priya R Nair
Consultant Psychiatrist

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