Couple Therapy

Couple Therapy in Hyderabad

What is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is for couples who are in a relationship, married or not. It is often referred to as marriage counseling. The goal of couples therapy is to improve the couples' relationship. This type of therapy can also help couples decide whether or not they should continue staying together.

What We Do in Couple Therapy?

Neya Psychiatric Clinic counsellors, couples therapists, psychotherapists and consultants offer a wealth of experience and commitment to quality. We are an established and well-known relationship counselling and consultancy service in Hyderabad. As a premium provider of confidential, personalised and supportive individual therapy, couple counselling and consultancy services, we help individuals and couples to heal, reconnect and to live more fulfilling and positive lives.

Here at Neya Psychiatric Clinic, Hyderabad, we see many couples who have turned to counselling and therapy as a means of improving or rescuing their relationships. Our experienced relationship therapists work with you together to help you rebuild your relationship or, if you wish to separate or divorce, to do so as amicably as possible.

  • Trust has been broken. One of the most common reasons for seeking couples therapy is the need for help in overcoming a major breach of trust.
  • Arguments are getting more frequent.
  • One or both of you becomes dysfunctional during a conflict.
  • Emotional intimacy is gone or deeply diminished.
  • Communication is poor. ...
Couple Therapy

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What Happens in Couples Counseling?

We see problems as a function of circumstances, not a personal failure. Going to therapy doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you or that you’re crazy, Couples counseling, specifically, will explore how issues have come between you and your partner(s). Issues are not anybody’s “fault”, but rather a new challenge that you and your partner must tackle. We will explore your background, how the issues began, what behaviors are occurring, and where to go from here

How Does Couples Counselling Work?

Couples counselling helps a couple introspect and get insights into their relationship. A couple who is motivated to resolve the conflicts can begin to explore their problems from a different perspective. There are few tools or techniques that are provided for the couples, by the therapist through which they can learn new ways to recognize and resolve conflicts.

Will My Partner and I always Attend Counseling Sessions Together?

No. We find that the best way to help partners improve their relationships is through a combination of individual and couple sessions. Individually, the therapist will help you and your partner focus on the changes that you each need to make. In couple sessions, the therapist will assist you in putting these changes into practice.

Can We go to Couples Counseling Even if My Partner and I are Not Having Issues?

Of course, oftentimes partners function well, but may come to counseling to create or improve a certain facet of their relationship. For example, you may want to argue less about family finances. Or you may want to “spice things up” in the bedroom. Or maybe you just had a child, and are nervous about how this will change your relationship.

Can I Come for Counseling Without My Partner?

Yes. People come alone to therapy for a variety of reasons. You may want help making sense of your current life situation; there may be decisions that you need to make and you want to get an objective outside opinion; you may need help overcoming feelings of anxiety or depression; or you may want to improve your relationship but your partner can’t or won’t come or you don’t want him or her to come.

How Long Does the Counseling Process Last?

The process will vary depending upon the needs or your situation. Couples typically engage in regular counseling sessions for 3-6 months, but some come for just a few sessions while others feel that they continue to benefit from more than 6 months.

If you’re not seeing hopeful signs within three months, the process probably isn’t working, and you should consider other options. The decision on whether to continue or not at any point is entirely yours and your therapist will encourage you to stop whenever you feel ready.

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