Screen Addiction

Screen Addiction

Dr Priya R Nair, Consultant Psychiatrist
Screen Addiction Therapy In hyderabad

Screen addiction’ is a term that we are seeing more and more often in the media, and has been used to denote various types of screen-related bad behaviours.

So what is screen addiction, I hear you ask? It’s when screen use becomes so compulsive that it leads to impaired daily functioning in terms of productivity, social relationships, physical health, or emotional well-being. That may mean that your or your kids screen use is interfering with work or school, having a negative impact on relationships, encouraging inactivity or less sleep, or generally making you feel sad or unhappy.

How do you know if your child’s relationship with technology is heading into addiction territory?

Excessive amount of time on devices

Spending an unhealthy amount of time on digital devices and media is a problem for many kids, and by itself doesn’t indicate addiction. However, the following time-related behaviors may indicate addictive behavior: spending almost all of their waking hours on devices; lying about use or sneaking additional time whenever possible; staying on devices during the night; breaking rules to get more time with electronics.

Reduced interest in other activities

Children should have a range of interests and activities they engage in. If your child has stopped engaging in non-screen time activities, and always chooses digital devices and media over other activity options, this is concerning. This is especially the case if they are avoiding activities with other people, losing sleep, or skipping meals to use tech.

Concerning behavior when unable to access devices

While most children exhibit some level of frustration or negative response when told to stop device use, this can be excessive for some children. If your child engages in lengthy tantrums, aggressive behavior, or verbal threats when device use is restricted, this is problematic.

Unable to focus on other things

A child who is constantly thinking and talking about devices, gaming, or other digital media may be experiencing some level of addiction. If it is difficult to shift them to other topics in conversation, or they struggle to maintain mental focus on other activities, this is an issue that needs to be addressed. This can also show up as a constant preoccupation with checking social media accounts

Experiences withdrawal symptoms

If your child becomes significantly irritable, anxious, depressed, or distressed when separated from technology, that indicates a problem. Notice if they seem to bounce back right away upon being reunited with their devices or media. If so, this indicates an addictive cycle of behavior. If your child is exhibiting any or most of these symptoms, an Internet intervention may be in order!Just like any other addiction, these things are best and most successfully dealt with ASAP, and there’s no better time for that when they’re still kids — and you’re still the boss. By setting up healthy habits for screen time while they’re young, your kids will be much more likely to transfer these habits into their adulthood, and navigate the digital world in a more mindful and productive way.

So, in trying to when your child off their online obsession, consider the following factors:

  • If there were no boundaries before — set some. Such as a daily screen-time limit and ‘no screen-time zones’ (like during family time or before bed).
  • Make a hierarchy of priorities. Set guidelines for what must be done before they can have screen time, such as homework, cleaning, preparing for school, and family time.
  • Make a hierarchy of screen time. Allow communal, interactive screen time before individual screen time, and educational content before simple games.
  • Start by changing the content, rather than usage. Replace pure entertainment or mindless games with apps or programs with some educational grounding.
  • Replace screen time with other enjoyable activities. Drawing, reading, playing games, outdoor activities, or even some extra dessert .

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How Does Neya Psychiatric Clinic Help?

At Neya Psychiatric Clinic, clients participate in a variety of therapeutic modalities and activities that help them overcome their addictions. Our Masters-level clinicians are highly trained.Clients participate in individual therapy, group therapy, family work and coaching, mindfulness, and trauma work. Individualized treatment plans help clients identify the root causes of their issues and make strides toward overcoming them.

Outside of their everyday lives, Neya Psychiatric Clinic allows clients a chance to step back and get a bigger perspective. With the everyday distractions removed, clients can focus on their mental and physical well-being above all else. Our clients leave with:

  • Increased confidence and self-worth
  • Healthy coping mechanisms
  • Better social skills
  • Positive outlooks on the future


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