Alcohol Deaddiction

Alcohol Deaddiction Treatment Services in Hyderabad

Residential alcohol treatment centers can provide a safe and organized way to get help for a severe drinking problem without life distractions.A medical professional might recommend rehab for you if you’ve been diagnosed with an alcohol use disorder (AUD), more commonly known as alcoholism. Here’s some information on why and how rehab works. The unique intimate size of our rehab clinic has proven to be paramount in our high success rate as we are able to offer a more attentive, one to one experience between the staff and client. Our priority is to offer individual support and attention to clients in a welcoming and comfortable environment in which they are not overwhelmed by a large crowd of people.

Benefits of Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehabilitation entails living in a treatment facility for at least a month in most cases. The primary benefit of residential treatment — as opposed to outpatient — is a contained, safe environment free of the triggers and barriers that derailed previous attempts at sobriety,” Aaron Weiner, PhD, a clinical psychologist and addiction treatment specialist in Chicago, tells WebMD Connect to Care. “The second significant benefit is having a very large amount of structured treatment activities daily, at some facilities as much as 12 hours per day. These activities can include life skills training, daily meetings with a counselor, and group therapy. In addition, rehab can provide a stability and consistency that some people with an alcohol use disorder can’t get at home.

Alcohol De Addiction Treatment
Alcohol De Addiction Treatment

How It Works

  • According to experts, rehab is a phased process that involves several steps. These include intake, detox, treatment, and outpatient services.
  • Admissions and Intake: Intake is an orientation and assessment process that determines eligibility. During intake, you would meet with a counselor to discuss your concerns and history.
  • This phase helps the rehab center “get each patient off on the right foot” so their unique medical and mental health concerns can be addressed, says Vikram Tarugu, MD, the CEO of Detox of South Florida in Okeechobee.

Best Alcohol De Addiction Treatment in Hyderabad

If you are facing Alcohol De Addiction Treatment problems, then you meet us, we are experts in Alcohol De Addiction Treatment and we are offering the best services of Psychotherapy in Hyderabad. At Neya Psychiatric Clinic, Dr. Priya Nair is an Alcohol De Addiction Treatment specialist, and has many years of experience.

Addressing the mental problem at the right time and timely treatment of the problem quickly resolves the problem. Mental problems are very diverse.

We offer time-effective therapy and provide you with the skills and knowledge to achieve the most advanced level of functioning in your daily life. In a supportive environment with trust we will work as a team to develop a shared understanding of your difficulties and identify how these difficulties affect your thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, feelings and daily functioning.

At the Neya Psychiatric Clinic, we know that state-of-the-art, evidence-based therapy and innovative psychiatry is paramount to your success. That’s why we prioritize exceptional personal service along with outstanding clinical treatment and medication management.

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